“Impossible?  Your audience will think so…”

A volunteer is asked to mentally choose one of several items and write her choice on the back of a business card.  Three other volunteers are seated in the shape of a triangle and are given the opportunity to simultaneously remove items from (and replace items into) the center of the “triangle” and exchange items between themselves until only one item remains.  The volunteer’s choice is read from the business card and it matches the remaining item!

Triangulation takes an old, powerful technique into uncharted territory.  Simultaneously control the “free” selections of two or three volunteers to create the illusion that their subconscious decisions were guided by the unseen forces of the triangle.

The PDF includes several routines/ideas to which the triangulation procedure can be applied and a bonus “peek” that flows quite naturally with the theme of “the triangle.”  The PDF also contains images of cards used for one of the routines which can be printed on your printer.

I will make every effort to send the PDF file to your email address within 24 hours of receipt of payment.  Please contact me if you do not receive your purchase within that time (yachanin@roadrunner.com).

            “This is an excellent way of presenting a very effective and deceptive

            equivoque.  The idea of using two or three spectators to make the selections

            is a very powerful logical disconnect... I can see this being very valuable for

            all performers, but especially for those who are asked to perform completely

            impromptu... I give this my highest recommendation” - Bob Cassidy


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