Thought Association Card


Word Search Puzzle Book

for TAC - UK Version

Word Search Puzzle Book

for TAC - Gender-Friendly

(and U.S.) Version

Word Search Puzzle Book For

Thought Association Card -

Gender-Friendly (and U.S.) Version*

Word Search Detective provides 60 word search puzzles for performing the “gender-friendly” version of Thought Association CardAsk your volunteers to turn to any page and select any clue word as the starting point for your TAC presentation!

In addition to the gender-friendly clue words associated with each word search puzzle, there is a “Secret Word Solutions” page at the end of the book which contains 60 words from the U.S. version word list, providing you the flexibility of performing the U.S. version of TAC.

If you use the Gender-Friendly (or U.S.) version of Thought Association Card and believe that offering an ordinary word search puzzle book would be a great way to have your volunteers choose their words, you can get this at lulu.com.

  1. *The word search puzzle book does NOT include instructions for “Thought Association Card.”

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