Family-Friendly Entertainment

Are you looking for some family-friendly entertainment for your next event?  If so, I can help by offering a choice of two lighthearted comedy magic shows:

“Where Wizarding World… Meets Muggle Magic!” is designed for children (attending adults will enjoy themselves as well) and is performed with a Harry Potter wizard theme.  Professor Ashby Scroon, a wizard from England, shares his experiences in the wizarding world with his “muggle” audience through a combination of
delightful stories and confounding
magic.  Recommended for ages 6+.

“The Magic Of The Greatest Generation” is designed for adults and is performed with a WWII spy reminiscence theme.  Professor Scroon describes his (more-or-less) successful exploits as a spy instructor for the British Secret Intelligence Service – with the help of his magic, of course.

Both shows involve audience participation and run approximately 45 minutes (30 minute and 1 hour versions are also possible, depending on your time requirements).

Watching Professor Scroon perform will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a quaint, by-gone era as he weaves a tale with his magic throughout the performance.

So if you are tired of magic shows that overwhelm your senses with a frenetic pace, blinding flashes of light, and blaring music, give Professor Scroon a call today.